Thursday, June 27, 2013

Saying Goodbye to Google Reader

It's not exactly a tearful goodbye. Frankly, it's time to move on and hopefully I'm finally ready. After asking for advice from fellow genealogists on Facebook and playing around with various products, I've settled in. At least for now.

I'm in love with Flipboard and have been for a while. Using Flipboard can only be described as a beautiful experience. Especially for the photography blogs. But I have some reservations. I'm having trouble making changes to the Reader feeds that I imported when I use my ipad. I wanted to do some re-organizing and haven't figured out how to do that without re-subscribing to the couple hundred blogs I read. I do love the magazine feature though. I'll definitely be sticking with Flipboard.

Feedly is another reader I liked. It was easy to switch over to and so far pretty easy to use. Plus all of my tags came over from Google Reader as well. I liked that. Thomas MacEntee mentioned being able to use alerts in Feedly in his blog post the other day. That caught my attention so I'll be looking into that feature too.

Now we'll see what happens in a few days when Reader goes away. I'm hoping I've done everything correctly. Are you ready?

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