Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A New iPad

Last month I posed a question over on the Technology for Genealogy Facebook page regarding which tablet to purchase. I really was intending to get an Android figuring it would be easier to use the Office apps like OneNote, Word and Excel (and because of the hopefully lower cost). After a wonderful discussion, and a purely coincidental blog post the same day over at Reflections From the Fence, my genea fb freinds convinced me go get an iPad.
OK, deep down inside I guess I really wanted an iPad.

I've had it for 3 weeks now and am loving it but there is still some adjustments for this windows based geek. For example, how the heck do you right click on an ipad?

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  1. Michelle,

    There is no right clicking on an iPad! You either "click" it by tapping it or occasionally double tap it. That's it. It is not nearly as hard as the adjustment from Windows to a Mac - I am still making that adjustment.


  2. I now feel that I need one too.

  3. Just hold your click or touch a few extra seconds and if there is a right click menu it will come up for you.

  4. Just hold the "click" or touch a few seconds longer and if there is a right click menu it will come up for you.

  5. Double click?? LOL


  6. My wife and two of three grown daughters - along with both grandchildren...5 & 8... all love their iPads... so happy you do also! ;-)