Saturday, December 3, 2011

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Dear Genea Santa

Dear Genea Santa,

I have been a very good girl this year. I have been going to school regularly to become a better genealogist and family historian and have been working hard to organize my family's papers I was so fortunate to inherit.

It would be great if you could put a monopod and an Eye-Fi card in my stocking so that I can better keep up with the family history we will be creating next year. Also, if you could give me the clue I need to determine for sure who William H. Ballinger's parents are that would be awesome!

It wouldn't hurt if you could also point me in the right direction to find Daniel A. Robinson's parents. I'm getting burned out on him too!

Thank you so much Genea Santa!

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© 2011, copyright Michelle Goodrum

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  1. Someone has suggested that WH Ballenger was raised by Wm L Campbell and Millinda Davis Campbell .... parents of Lucinda. Wm L Campbell died in Scott, IL in 1850. Have you pursued that "trail?"

  2. I am aware that Lucinda's parents allegedly are William and Malinda Campbell although I haven't researched it enough myself to come to a conclusion.

    I hadn't heard the one about William being raised by Lucinda's parents. Interesting. Nothing would surprise me with this guy!

    I will email you and we will "talk".