Friday, December 3, 2010

December 4 – Christmas Cards

The tradition of sending Christmas cards seems to have changed over the last hundred years. This year, I'm going to focus on my great grandparents generation. They seemed to like to send postcards like these.

I am really thankful to have them because this line would have been a dead end for us otherwise. We have literally pieced the family together through clues left in their correspondence. Unfortunately for me, much of it is in French, which I do not speak, so translating has been slow!

© 2010, copyright Michelle Goodrum


  1. So pretty. I love vintage cards. Thank you for sharing this one.

  2. Although I am French and can decipher the French church records when doing genealogy I can't help you much with this one other than to say they got some cigars and smoked them. Lol.

  3. Thanks Lori! This is the way we've been going about it. A few words here and there and you get the gist of what's going on - hopefully. Then I put a note with the card or letter with what we've learned. lol

  4. What a pretty card! That would make a great blog decoration :-)

  5. How neat that you have some of the old cards.

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  6. I really enjoy reading your blog, so I’ve awarded you the Ancestor Approved badge.

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  7. Michelle, ma belle.
    Sont les mots qui vont tres bien ensemble,
    tres bien ensemble.

    (Some more French to work on)