Friday, November 26, 2010

52 Weeks To Better Genealogy – Challenge 47 - Genealogy Gift List

This week's challenge:

Make your genealogy gift list. The holidays are coming! Prepare a list of genealogy-related gifts you’d like to receive: books, magazine subscriptions, software, electronics, society memberships or anything else that might look good with a bow on it. If you’re blessed to already have everything you could possibly want, consider charitable donations and in-kind gifts to societies, libraries and preservation groups. If you have a genealogy blog, you can share your list and give gift ideas to your readers as well.
My kids have been bugging me for a Christmas list and since I am addicted to genealogy, my list naturally contains lots of genealogy and family history related items. In fact, they are out shopping the Black Friday sales as I write this. Here's a sampling of the top genealogy items on my list:

  1. Flip Pal Mobile Scanner.
  2. Dragon Naturally Speaking voice recognition software. This is probably the closest thing to a genealogy assistant that I will ever hope to get!
  3. Google Earth For Genealogists DVDs (Volume 2 in particular).
  4. NGS Home Study Course with the graded option.
  5. Personal trainer package. If I am going to live long enough to accomplish my "bucket list", genealogy related or not, I've got to get back into the routine of excercising so this ol' body will stay healthy!
  6. New slippers for doing genealogy research at home. I've worn our my current pair!
  7. There are several books:
    • Eat, Pray, Love  by Elizabeth Gilbert
    • The Accidental Anarchist by Byrna Kranzler
    • The Journey Takers by Leslie Albrecht Huber
    • If This Land Could Talk, Homesteading on the Northern Plains by Judy R. Cook 

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  1. Michelle, Does anybody in your family read your blog, would they see this list or even pay attention? I'm hoping they do. Otherwise, you might have to be like me and buy it yourself. But...good luck. I'm hoping the flip-pal comes down in price, but it seems to be the only thing without a discount (I already checked sites today, still $149.)

  2. Sometimes they read it, sometimes they don't. My family asked me for a list - they know where it is.

    I agree on the Flip Pal. I'm hoping it comes down in price a bit too. You know it will. The question is, when?

  3. The homesteading book sounds great - thx!

  4. Hope you get the things on your list. Seems like all of us have the Flip-Pal on our list. Yesterday, HSN had it on 2 easy pays with free shipping. Hopping that it's still that way on tomorrow and I might take advantage.