Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sorting Saturday - Inventory of Genealogy Lectures

I keep reading that one should keep a list of all of the family history/genealogy related books so as to avoid making duplicate purchases. As I was reviewing the FGS 2010 lectures that are now available on JAMB, it occurred to me the other day that it might be a good idea to do the same with genealogy lectures.

At first I didn't think I had purchased enough to make it worth my while to put together a list. Then I remembered all of the lectures I purchased from from the 2006 FGS Boston conference. I started a list.

As it turns out, I have purchased more than 80 lectures over the years to while away the time on the treadmill and while toting kids to and fro. And yes, there are some that I almost ordered again so I am glad I was able to avoid ordering duplicates.

I made a simple Excel spreadsheet with columns for Lecturer, Title and Conference. Since it's in Excel, it's easy to change how it's sorted. I'll be making an Excel list for my genealogy books too. Right now that list is on a piece of notebook paper.

© 2010, copyright Michelle Goodrum


  1. Michelle,
    Great Idea! I did an excel for my quilting books years ago with two tabs. One is the books in alphabetical order and the other is for the authors in alphabetical order. I like the two tabs instead of sorting the one tab all the time but it could be done that way also.
    The hard part is remembering to add new books when I purchase them.

  2. Ambitious project, but then, you are very organized. I have to tell you, I was at the FGS conf. in Boston for 4 days, part volunteering for NEHGS and part attending.